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Haiku [Open fields]
Lleu Llaw Gyffes *
Wolvercote Common
[I wake]
[They say "Summertown"]
[They were oblivious to the rain]
The Stroll
[Multicoloured Street]
On an Oxford Road
This Dog
Mark My Words
Bedlington Terriers
A Sense of Place
First Week of Autumn
The Common
Chatting to Chickens
On Sunday to the White Hart
Sumer is icumen in
Terribly boring
Sunbeams, sometimes (long)
Sunbeams, sometimes
Something rang here
Housewarming Day Community Poem
A tree on the Northern Edge
[Walls with equations]
[Walks along the Thames]
[The Devil was vexed]
Locked door
I wish you were closer
[The University had a Room]
[Beyond the Door]
[Open the Garden Door]
gentle surprises on the road well traveled
[As the sun shone down on Waterstones]
[She waits for the bus]
Haiku [Dinosaurs, dodos...]
Town, or gown, or duck?
[Wooden Promenade]
[where the wild things live]
Hinksey Pool
Community Centre
Seat of Musing
Haiku [Snowdrops start to fade]
High Bridge
Haiku [bridge to the far bank]
[Blank confronts]
Talking to strangers in Oxford, Carfax
Look for inspiration in the market place
Sonnet to a figurine in the Ashmolean Museum
Bounteous blackberries
Duck Mafia
Knocked off
Cowley Junction
On seeing a group of student friends in Bodrum Café
First in person meeting at Bodrum Restaurant
Two trolleys (at Aldi on Botley Road)
Visit to the Botanical Gardens in difficult times
On a collection of printed ephemera at the Weston Library
Remote Meeting in summer
To a recently deceased Irish philosopher
Hayfield Road
Five women on the river bank
Family Court
Drinking the Fruit at the Turf Tavern
A meditation on love in Bonn Square, Oxford
[Weary travellers alight]
May Morning, Magdalen Tower, Oxford
[Catz, Summer]
[for Oscar King]
[Delayed reaction]
[Undeterred, we travel on]
[We arrived in Oxford]
[Lucy's Forest]
[field, in bicycles]
[Oh railway station where's my bike]
[A quiet of bikes]
O stands for Oxford
[I came to Oxford in the Light] (3)
[I came to Oxford in the Light] (2)
[I came to Oxford in the Light] (1)
[The wheels of time spin]
Inscription for an Old Bed
Poem about cinema (5)
[Bob Hawke Haiku]
The Volunteer
[A night-frost]
[...and when the moon falls asleep]
[Pooh sticks on the bridge]
[With friends by our sides]
[Some squat in the treacle air]
[We drift overhead]
[On that morning]
[I can fly higher than you!]
[Come, we'll show you!]
[Balloon flies higher]
Dangerous Skies
Haiku [Balloon]
Oxford Day
[Our little hands can climb]
Come to me in dreams, my love
There is a magic in the moonlit hour
Port Meadow, Oxford
At Oxford
Oxford, a Spring Day (for Bill)
Pegasus in the Botanical Garden - (from 'The Golden Bird)
Atta's Song
Advertisement (1758)
Oxford [WB]
The Dodo
I Loved a Lass
May-Day Song for North Oxford
[I loved you]
Sheldonian Soliliquy
The Boar's Head
Oxford [CSL]
Ducks' Ditty
A Walking Song
[A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky]
Oxford [KD]
The Shark
[extract from Thyrsis]
Binsey Poplars (felled 1879)
Ode to Frideswide Square
Magdalen Walks
Oxford Canal
moth as the ministry
The inverse of poetry


The goal of Oxford Poetry Pin is to share and discover poetry by walking with your device in a localised zone.

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